Ednext from Manipal Institute of Virology

Ednext.in is an initiative from Manipal Institute of Virology (MIV), a constituent institute of Manipal Academy of Higher Education (MAHE), an Institute of Eminence (IoE). It is aimed at offering advanced courses in microbiology and virology. A faculty-driven effort, Ednext.in aims to be collaborative and representational of MAHE’s academic diversity, showcasing the highest quality offerings of the university to learners everywhere.

MIV has been offering various short courses in the past. Ednext.in consolidates these courses and allows participants online access to course schedules and easier enrolment procedures.

Defining Ednext.in
Ednext.in is a faculty-driven, experimental catalyst for improving teaching and learning through short courses. We use our unique resources to develop, disseminate, and test interactive teaching and learning. Our laboratory experts provide a foundation for wet lab-based training and hands-on workshops.

Ednext.in presents an academically diverse, high quality, an innovative collection of short courses to empower faculty teaching, enhance student learning, and support laboratory expertise.

Ednext.in benefits faculty by helping to integrate existing resources and providing additional pedagogical support. We offer accessible technologies and tools to build a flexible learning management ecosystem that promotes scholarship in teaching, learning and beyond.

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