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Manipal Institute of Virology (MIV) celebrates 73rd Independence Day

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REAL TIME PCR IN A FIELD SETUP USING Truelab™ Uno Dx Real Time Quantitative micro PCR Analyzer

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Vaccination- Our best contribution to a healthier world

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We live in a world where no place is a health sanctuary. Despite the progress in surveillance, improvements in the field of medicine we are always on a back foot. Though emerging and re-emerging diseases are a challenge to public health, vaccine-preventable diseases are something under its control. According to WHO, the increase in percentage …

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Manipal Centre for Virus Research (MCVR) with financial support from MAHE has developed an app for guiding rabies prophylaxis among health care professionals. Even though, clinicians are well aware of rabies, owing to busy schedules they are not getting updated with current guidelines. India is second in position after China in terms of having the …

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Have you ever imagined of one of the most successful survivors of evolution? One of the most interesting species that has co-evolved with humans since several thousands of years. A virus is basically an acellular system which contains either DNA or RNA surrounded by a coat of proteins. They are obligate (restricted to a particular …

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